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How it started & WHERE IT’S GOING…

I launched Petals de Rosé on 2/22/2020 and it all started with my famous handmade oil glosses. I have since added some great products and will continue to grow my site.

 The glosses are handmade with natures best nourishing oils; Rose oil being the main ingredient for its amazing restorative benefits. As a lipgloss lover I wanted to create something that wasn’t sticky and just all around good for our lips.

It’s the gloss that loves your lips back ( . )



It's the best, I use it everyday.


I love how it is smooth and not sticky !


It smells so pretty 😍


I truly love this lipgloss it goes on so smooth and is long lasting! Keeps my lips well nourished, smooth, nice & glossy💋


💗I love this lipgloss!! It’s very hydrating which is much needed around this time of year. It’s medicine for my lips, plus makes it look glossy✨


One thing I like is that most lipglosses that are smooth on the lips are too sticky, PdR is not 🥰 .


All products are